3 July 1989

I'm Rachel!
I'm nineteen, and live in Southern California.
I'm a Christian. To quote my cousin Chelsea,
"really it's not religion, it's a relationship."
I'm kind of a writer. Fanfics and roleplaying and that sort.
But I'm also w o r k i n g o n a n o v e l.
( but I still don't really know what it's about just yet :] )
I love my family & friends. They mean the world to me.
I have a lot of pets, but none of them are really mine.
Reading is one of the greatest joys in life. I like fiction, fantasy. Harry Potter, Twilight...oh, I can't name them all.
Another of my fave quotes by Chelsea (for someone so young she is so wise):
[anything done outside of love is sin.]
I'm pretty into my Disney Channel. Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers. All that jazz.
I'm basically addicted to the Internet. prettymuch.
I'm a spelling&grammar nazi, but I rarely use capital letters.
I'm a messy, disorganized perfectionist. It's odd, I know, but I am.
Hit me up on AIM. rachyourface

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